I'm Jennifer, a 30-something woman with exotic looks, a sharp mind, and taste for the sublime and the sensual.


I have a firm touch, a soft, clear and reassuring voice. Let your waves crash over me, I am steady and calm.


I tend to be very quiet until I get to know someone, but once I'm comfortable and we've established a relationship grounded in a mutual taste for discretion my personality shines through. I've lived an interesting life and I'm a free thinker; I believe we meet everyone for a reason and I love to learn. I smile big, hug hard, and laugh with my whole body-. Its every easy to spend time with me.

Physically, a little bit of tummy but I'm still yummy! I'm physically flexible, athletic, limber and strong. My hair style and color varies, but my striking smile and fully made up glamorous look never change. I use all of my feminine assets to confidently soothe and lull you into total body decompression before invigorating you with the exciting release you need to feel sharp and focused or simply "refreshed."


Relax, you're in great hands!

I promise a breathtaking experience!

Sensual Jen


Yes, I do offer real Nuru Massage!  See video below!

8.21 Note: I'm Dark-Haired Currently, I like To Switch It Up :-)